Aphriditie Miller is a diligent planner and a big-time goal-setter. From perfectly coordinating purple outfits for the family photo above to more serious matters like saving for her son’s education, Aphriditie’s goals, and her plans to make them happen, are countless. When it comes to her family’s health and well-being, she is always thinking three steps ahead. 


One of Aphriditie’s longest-running goals: become a homeowner to build her family’s wealth and set them up to succeed for generations to come. 


For years, she had been digging to find a way to purchase a home that wouldn’t force her family to make any tradeoffs, such as having to purchase less healthy food or being unable to save for the future. Since her family did not qualify for typical homeownership opportunities, this was not easy digging. 


But Aphriditie isn’t the giving-up type, so she kept on digging. And eventually, her work paid off when she discovered she was the perfect fit to own a brand new, affordable home with Habitat Chicago.  

“When I got the call that we were accepted to own a Habitat home, oh, I just screamed! I applied to find a way to better living for my family and now we would have it.” 


Aphriditie describes her three-year-old son, Ares, as a candy-crazy mess-maker and his dad, Webster, as a vigilant protector of his son. And while Aphriditie is a self-declared introvert, she just beams when she tells people of the safe, permanent home she and Webster are creating for their son. 

“My son needs his own space (and a sister, but that’s another story…) We’re so proud to give Ares the safe home he needs to be the energetic kid he is, and where he’ll grow into a good man.”  


Even more, Aphriditie just loves her cohort of fellow Habitat homebuyers and is so grateful to call them her future neighbors. In their current home, Aphriditie worries about her neighbors and doesn’t feel like her son can be outside safely for long. But this worry soon will be one of the past, as Aphriditie looks forward to cookouts with neighbors in their backyards and knocking on their doors when she needs a helping hand. 




Home Sponsor

The Miller family home is sponsored by Thrivent, a nonprofit financial organization committed to helping people be wise with money and to live generously. Read more about our partnership with Thrivent here.



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