What do you get when you mix a 12-year-old shark biologist named Derren; a four-year-old artist known as Michael; a one and a half year-old, Mishuan, so sweet your heart melts at first sight; and two proud, dedicated parents, Shuanta and Mike? 

Well, you get one heck of a family. 


Shuanta and Mike are good people. It might like an understatement, but that is simply what they are: good.  And you just know it right away.  


You listen as Mike describes his sons as friendly, easygoing, fun, and simply “the best” with a humble yet proud smile on his face, and you just know it. 


You ask 4-year-old Michael to color with you and he politely declines so he doesn’t have to leave his mom’s safe and loving side, and you just know it. 


You hear Shuanta explain, “I haven’t had the chance to take my boys on a vacation yet, but once we have our new home and are able to save money, I really want to plan a family trip to Disney World. It sounds crazy – taking three young boys to Disney World – but it’s really what I want to do for them,” and you just know it.


You see Shuanta and Mike look into each other’s eyes and agree that all they want for their boys is “success and happiness” and that they are building their Habitat Chicago home to make sure this happens, and you just know it. 


And you just know it when Shuanta (sort of) jokes, “My kids are excited for the new home, but honestly, I think they’d prefer to move into Jump N’ Jam at this point, you know the bounce-house place. And I think their dad might be right there with them.” 




Home Sponsor

Shuanta and Mike's family home is proudly sponsored by Exelon and ComEd, the nation's largest competitive energy provider, working in every stage of the energy business. Exelon is a multi-year partner to Habitat Chicago in West Pullman, where it also operates the largest urban solar plant in the United States. Read more about our partnership with Exelon here.


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