Growing up in the Englewood neighborhood, Takiera has always called the South Side of Chicago home. It’s what she knows and what she loves. 


So when her mom, Cathy, told her about Habitat Chicago and the opportunity to build and own her own home on the South Side, Takiera decided to apply, wanting to cultivate a supportive space for her two sons in a community where she’d know her neighbors – and know they’d have her back.  


“My motivation, like all mama bears out there, is just knowing that I can make my children happy. I'm nervous about building, but I'm excited to join a new community with my sons.” 


Now months into the homebuyer program, Takiera has rid herself of those nerves. Out working on her and her neighbors’ homes nearly every weekend, with her mom and her brother at her side, Takiera has become a construction whiz. She takes on every task thrown her way with grace and curiosity, driven by the desire to equip herself with the skills she needs to care for her home and keep her boys safe.  


Talk to Takiera for two minutes and you learn these boys are her everything. She lights up with pride whenever she talks about them, even if it’s just saying their names.    


“My 5-year-old, Anthony, loves to play board games and will likely… okay, definitely… beat you in one. And Kameron, who’s my little 2-year-old ball of energy, just can’t get enough cookies. And me, when I get home from my work as a medical assistant, I love to cook for them and sing with them. I can’t wait to get us moved in and just make the space our own.” 


Knowing that this home will give them the space to be together and do the things they love – that’s what keeps Takiera motivated, day after day. 




Home Sponsor

Takiera's home is proudly sponsored by Exelon and ComEd, the nation's largest competitive energy provider, working in every stage of the energy business. Exelon is a multi-year partner to Habitat Chicago in West Pullman, where it also operates the largest urban solar plant in the United States. Read more about our partnership with Exelon here.


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