In talking with Britany, it’s obvious that her son is the center of her world and her motivation for joining the Habitat family. A hardworking network support engineer, Britany is an avid reader, loves swimming and staying active, and going to the movies when she has a moment to spare. She puts her ambidexterity to good use for her secret talent of writing poetry, but her love for her son, Noah, shines through brightest of all.

Noah is a rambunctious two-year-old who shares his mom’s left-handedness, loves building new things with his blocks, riding in his Power Wheel, and running just about everywhere he can. His first word was “Stop!” but that could not be more different than his mom’s drive to become a homeowner.


Britany grew up in Rogers Park and fondly remembers her regular trips to the Boys & Girls club and school field trips. But her motivation for starting her journey with Habitat stems from not being able to stay in a stable home growing up.

“I remember going from home to home growing up, and I don’t want that for my son. I want to raise my son in a home we can call our own. I want to create that stable environment for him. Not only will we feel secure, but the burden of instability will finally be lifted.”


Her excitement far outweighs any hesitance in becoming a homeowner. Though she is nervous about moving to a new neighborhood, finding new daycare for Noah, and all the work that goes into building a house, she is eager to get started on building her very own home from the ground up, meeting all of her new neighbors, and sharing her story with her new community. Britany plans on creating space in her new home for reading and for prayer, and is ready to take on the responsibility of becoming a homeowner. And she already feels at home,

“It’s been easy getting to know the other homebuyers. I can relate to their stories and the obstacles we’ve all been through. I feel like we are a family and we genuinely are here for each other.”



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