If you are seeking volunteer hours to fulfill court-ordered service requirements, we may have a spot for you at ReStore Chicago, our resale home improvement store.  

You’ll find that our mission focus, flexible scheduling and a wide availability of shifts make ReStore Chicago a meaningful and welcoming place for completing mandated service.


Getting Started

  1. Navigate to a “ReStore Volunteer 101” orientation on our Volunteer Calendar that you can attend

  2. Select “Register” for that event and complete the volunteer application in full, being sure to check the box labeled “Hours need verification”

  3. After completing the application, you will receive an email requesting the information below. Reply to it directly to complete your application

    • Number of community service hours you are required to complete 

    • The deadline to complete your community service hours

    • The date you need a verification letter for the hours (if different from deadline)

    • The reason you are seeking community service placement and the nature of the offense if your reason is court-ordered

      • PLEASE NOTE: Court-ordered service hours may be completed at ReStore Chicago, however, we do not accommodate all offenses. Your charged offense must be shared with our volunteers team for community service placement consideration.  

    • Name of agency assigning the hours (e.g. Cook County, DuPage County, etc.) 


Approval and Hours Completion

Upon receipt of your reply email from step 3 above, your complete application will be reviewed and if approved, you will receive a confirmation of acceptance to attend the ReStore Volunteer 101 orientation. Once you attend the orientation, you will be eligible to sign up for and complete shifts at ReStore Chicago.



Please feel free to contact our Volunteer Team with any questions or concerns.


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