What is the best word to describe Denae? Creative. And that creative spirit is exactly what is going to propel her through the process of becoming a Habitat homeowner.

Denae works as a Medicare claims examiner, but she enjoys shopping, crafting, and traveling in her time off. She grew up on Chicago’s Southside, and fondly recalls constantly playing in the backyard growing up. She is eager that her son will finally be able to have that same memory.


Darius is quite the active 12-year-old; he is an avid basketball player, swimmer, and video game buff. Denae wants him to grow up with his own space, and lots of it! And while her older son, Latwan, is currently living in California as a musician, Denae wants to make sure he will always have a consistent place to come home.


Denae already has numerous plans for their new home and how to fill the space,

“Darius will finally be able to have his own room, and can play in our new backyard. I want to put a basketball rim out there and maybe even a swimming pool! The inside will be more creative- I want a craft space, a memorial wall, and most importantly somewhere to have family gatherings.”


Denae is ready to get her creative juices flowing by building, designing, and decorating her new home.



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