Ask Erika what becoming a homeowner means to her and she’ll answer, “It means finally having total independence and psychological stability,” two conditions of happiness that she has been working hard to obtain for years in every facet of her life. Her new Habitat home, Erika states, is the fruition of this work.


Erika is a clever, driven, determined woman, who loves her children to the core of her bones. She’s long had a vision of what a good life would look like for her and her kids, as well as what steps she would have to take to get there, but she was stuck in a position where she was prevented from taking those steps. 

Using her wits and available resources, Erika found a way to overcome her situation and began building a new life. She found a new job. She moved to a new apartment. She started to save. She built her credit. She positioned herself to become the owner of a new, quality, affordable home with Habitat. All with the goal in mind of building safety, stability, and new opportunity for her children.


Erika cites her Habitat home as a clean slate. She has big plans to make it warm, bright, alive, and radiating with energy. She is over-the-moon ecstatic to have a place that is permanently hers and a place where all of her children can have their own “comfort zone.”


Erika’s youngest children, identical triplets in first grade, Carlos, Christian, and Christopher, have big hobbies and even bigger dreams. Carlos loves to read and Erika sees his future in publishing (though if that doesn’t work out, mom believes he has what it takes to become a competitive eater). Christian loves to swim and Erika sees him standing on the Olympic podium one day. Christopher loves coming up with new inventions and Erika sees him working in a chemistry research lab.


Erika’s daughter, Migdaly, has just started high school and has no small ambitions. Her future, she asserts, includes military service, medical school, and ultimately owning a plastic surgery practice.


Erika’s two oldest boys are grown and mom is profoundly proud of the men they have become.


The future is looking strong for Erika and her family, and they are more than ready for it.


“I am ready to create a new lifestyle for my family. I am ready and prepared to offer my children emotional stability and an excellent future by owning my own home, a home that that they know is for them." - Erika 


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