You care about this city.
Make a difference and feel good every day with a monthly gift.


Join a community of passionate supporters committed to giving what they can each month to help make this city a healthy, affordable place to live for every Chicago family.


What it means to you:

It’s easy: Set up your gift once and our automatic systems take care of the rest. 

It’s bite-sized: Spread your giving throughout the year to keep it affordable to you.

It’s stress-reducing: Rest easy knowing your tax-deductible giving is already taken care of for the year.

It’s under your control: If ever you need to cancel or alter your donation amount, a simple email or phone call will get it done. 


What it means for us:

It’s sustainable: Year-round giving means that we can be there year-round for the Chicago communities that depend on us.

It’s efficient: The more people that give in a predictable and ongoing way, the fewer resources we need to commit to new fundraising projects. 

It adds-up: Every gift makes a difference, no matter the size. A monthly gift of $50 will waterproof an entire home, while a monthly gift of $100 will sponsor an entire resident-led beautification project each year. 

It’s heartening: We do this work because we can’t imagine not fighting for better futures for those in need of better living conditions. When you decide to give monthly, we get to welcome you to a proud, determined community working every day for our fellow neighbors.    


How to set it up:

Use our online donation form and select “I would like to make a recurring donation” to set up a recurring gift via credit card or bank withdrawal. If you prefer to set up your gift over the phone, call us at 312-563-0296 x403.

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