Building a Habitat Chicago home is a tangible expression of your desire for everyone to live a stable and healthy life. No experience is necessary to be a part of our team, just a belief in our mission, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn.  


By working alongside current and future Habitat homeowners, other volunteers like yourself, and Habitat Chicago Crew Leaders, you'll see that your effort and our experience can create a change that will be seen for generations to come. 


With one in 10 Chicagoans currently living in substandard housing, the time to build is now.  


Let’s dig in.  

What does it take to build 1 Habitat Chicago home?


Six-point Chicago star


96 VOLUNTEER DAYS          $150,000 IN MATERIALS


Most importantly, it takes you and your belief that everyone deserves a healthy place to live. 


Join us as an individual to lend a hand and meet others or organize a team build to spend a day bonding and working together outside. We work alongside large companies, small businesses, high schools, colleges, families, friends, faith groups, and everyone in between.  


Whether you arrive by yourself or with your entire team, you will leave as part of the Habitat Chicago family.


Six-point Chicago star


Perspectives from Site

“What a day I just had with Habitat! The team I joined was so fun to be with! We all supported one another – literally lifting 10 walls as a group from the ground up to the second floor. It went fast. Next task challenged us to test our hammering skills – about a hundred times over. We all took turns so we had a little breathing time in between each area. That was a good workout. Whew. Our last task was cutting out the wood with a circular saw. No one on our team ever did this before – yet we challenged each person to take a turn to try it!”
Amy, build site volunteer






 “One thing is for sure: we would NOT have been able to do all of this without the huge group of volunteers that come out to help build by our sides. Those that give up their Saturdays with family and work in the heat, or the rain, or the cold…They let you know that you can indeed do this. To keep pushing. To keep believing. To keep dreaming. To know that the end is almost there, and that you are a rockstar, and you will do rockstar things.” 
Natasha, Habitat Chicago homeowner

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