If you have a desire to learn new skills, an eagerness to grow as a leader and a thirst to build a more just Chicago, come spend a year with us serving as a full-time AmeriCorps or Ignatian Volunteer Corps member.


At Habitat Chicago, we rely on the thousands of hours invested by our service members each year to support our mission. 

Our service members lead crews on our build site, support strategic neighborhood engagement work, coordinate volunteers, develop construction practices, craft compelling communications, and so much more.   



“AmeriCorps has given me patience, curiosity and it’s given me joy.” 

No man is an island. That is why the mission of Americorps is to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering. Join countless service members before you who have committed to making this world a better place for everyone.


Habitat AmeriCorps National  

As an AmeriCorps National member, you serve directly with volunteers, homebuyers, and the community. You may help build houses, work with families to help them apply for housing, or recruit and mobilize volunteers. 

We currently offer positions in neighborhood engagement, construction crew leadership, family services and volunteer services.  


Habitat AmeriCorps VISTA 

As a Habitat VISTA (Volunteer in Service to America) member, you focus on indirect service activities like generating resources, organizing volunteer services and developing procedures and programs to build capacity.  

We currently offer positions in construction systems, project development, and resource development. 


Whether you become a National or VISTA, the change you will drive is real. 

2.3 million: Number of volunteers mobilized by AmeriCorps members each year


$1 billion: Resources leveraged for nonprofit organizations


9: The number of additional houses each Habitat affiliate is able to complete utilizing AmeriCorps service members


$3.3 billion: Amount received by AmeriCorps members in education awards to continue their education or help pay off student loans



Ignatian Volunteer Corps 

Ignatian Volunteers are mature men and women, most over age 50, who either have retired from their primary careers or are working fewer hours as they move towards retirement.

By contributing their leadership skills and life experience into service, Ignatian volunteers improve their communities and create a more just society.

Volunteers commit to working two days a week for 10 months a year and play critical roles in supporting the Habitat Chicago mission and the people we serve. Some volunteers choose projects unrelated to their former job experience and find this enriching, while others use the professional skills they’ve acquired through a life-time of work to serve the organization. 

The types of IVC positions we offer include: construction systems, accounting and business management.



Benefits vary for each volunteer program, but may include:

  • A living allowance 

  • An education award 

  • Health plan benefits

  • Student loan forbearance

  • Personal and sick days 

  • Worker’s compensation 

  • Childcare benefits 

  • Counseling and financial planning resources




Year-long service members typically join our team annually as a cohort and collaborate directly with staff on projects critical to our work in Chicago. Members receive small living allowances and end-of-term education awards as a part of their service. If you don't see a good fit below or there are no available positions, fill out the form on this page to receive new role opening notifications.



Use Your Voice Today

The impact of AmeriCorps (and other national volunteer programs) is clear and the benefits far outweigh the costs. 

According to a Columbia University research study, for every $1 put into national service programs like AmeriCorps, $3.95 is returned to society in the way of earnings, output, and community-wide gains.

In 2016, AmeriCorps and other national service programs totaled only 0.02% of the federal budget. Even so, more federal budget cuts are proposed to the Corporation for National and Community Service and its affiliated programs each year.

Tell your friends, family, neighbors and congressperson that you (and 83% of all American voters!) stand for national service and the better world it builds.   




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