Welcome to the information hub for prospective and current Neighborhood Grants Initiative project groups! On this page you will find resources that may assist you as you develop your project ideas. If you are a current group working on your project, this is where you will find links to the final report and the Grant Acceptance Agreement signature form.

Project group resources

  • Chicago area resourcesThis compilation of resources highlights organizations and programs in the Chicago area that may be able to assist with group development and communication, tool lending and rentals, gardening and landscaping, equipment rentals, and art and beautification projects.

  • Guide to common city permits. Does your project require a permit? This guide breaks down common city permit requirements and how to apply for one through the City of Chicago. 

  • Tips for engaging your neighbors. Not sure how to get people involved with your project or approach people on your block? These are our top tips for engaging your neighbors.

  • Block club starter guide. If you're interested in starting a block club as part of your project, this starter guide provides helpful tips and information for groups just getting started. 

  • Block club sign and club supportThe Chicago nonprofit My Block, My Hood, My City will help block clubs replace old signs and create new ones that are positive and welcoming. They also support block clubs with other resources like consultations, t-shirts, Facebook graphics, and volunteer help for one project a year. 

  • Developing your action plan tool. Do you have a project idea but need to build out your project plan? This chart breaks down the project planning process into five steps and ends with an action plan. 

  • Project timeline Excel template (downloadable). This templated Excel sheet includes multiple examples of how a project group might build out a visual version of their project timeline, inclusive of tasks, milestones and deadlines. 

  • Past project ideas. Curious to see what other groups have brought to life through the Neighborhood Grants Initiative? Check out our list of past projects. 


Current project group forms

  • Grant Acceptance Agreement signature form. After a project is approved for funding, everyone in the core planning group will sign their Grant Acceptance Agreement. Group members may submit their signatures electronically through this form. 

  • Final Report. Once a project is complete, the final report may be submitted through this online form, which include written responses as well as a final expense report. 



If you still have questions about the program or any of the information listed above, please reach out to us! We would love to hear from you.

Phone: (312)-563-0296 x313



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