Joyce is no stranger to Habitat Chicago and all of the opportunities that come with owning a home. After watching her daughter, Aphriditie, go through the Affordable Homeownership Program and having just graduated from Habitat Chicago’s Homebuyer University herself, Joyce understands what homeownership can offer: a place that is entirely her own and peace of mind for herself and her son, Willie.


Growing up, Joyce spent most of her free time playing outside on her block with her friends. Reminiscing on these fond memories growing up, she wants to channel that same environment for her son.  


“I need to make things better for my son where he can sit in his own backyard and play, or just sit out there and not have to worry if it is too late.” 


Although she’s a little nervous about finding the time to complete her required volunteer hours, Joyce is so excited about the whole process. From building her own home to eventually decorating it, she is ready for the changes that her Habitat Chicago home will bring to her life. Not just that, but experiencing it alongside her fellow, future homeowners. Joyce has already established her role as a source of laughter and a leader within her cohort. She has her eye on organizing spring bulb plantings, block club meetings, and backyard barbecues with her new neighbors. She truly embodies the Chicago spirit. 


This future homeowner is ready to have something that is purely hers and a place where her family and friends can enjoy. She enjoys knowing that this can be something for her son to take over in the future. But most importantly, she is ready to have a safe place to come back to at the end of the day. 



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