Lybia is a compassionate special education classroom assistant who enjoys baking, traveling, eating, reading, listening to music, taking photographs, and, above all, spending time with family and friends.


Having grown up on the west side of Chicago in K-Town, Lybia fondly remembers living close to family, spending a lot of time together and laughing endlessly. She plans to grow those memories in her new home by hosting monthly gatherings for her loved ones. And though her 18-year-old son Parish will soon leave to venture out on his own, Lybia beams with pride at being able to provide him, and his two older brothers, a safe and happy place to return if ever they need it.


Although Lybia admits she is nervous about the building process in its entirety, she is excited about the new challenge of learning to build and care for her own home. She says,

“With Habitat, it’s joy because I’m actually helping to build the house from start to finish. I'll help raise the first walls and put on the final coat of paint. It’s going to be a full learning process, and when it's all done, I'll be able to fill the walls with family photos, create a signature wall to make it my own, and just feel at peace."


Lybia’s family has been her entire world for a very long time and they serve as her primary motivation for becoming a Habitat homeowner. However, Lybia is also excited about the opportunity to do something special for herself, to claim ownership and pride in something that is all hers. Lybia declares,

“I’m finally ready to do this. I’ve thought about it for years now. I’m ready to have something of my own!” 


The House that Tech Built home sponsorshipHome Sponsor

Lybia’s home is proudly sponsored through Habitat Chicago’s second annual The House That Tech Built initiative, where 13 of the most innovative and collaborative tech companies around the city have come together for a second year to fully fund and construct a home in West Pullman. Learn more about The House That Tech Built here.


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