Aida is a lifelong learner. This mother of four spends most of her time working as a teacher’s assistant, sharing her love of learning with students. She is working towards becoming a certified Special Education teacher, but when she finds time for herself, she’ll be lost in a good book. 


And the learning continues as Aida works towards becoming a homeowner. Being able to have the freedom and peace that comes with owning a home is something she is most looking forward to.  


With their own home, her family will have the space to enjoy their many hobbies, express themselves through home decor, and create many more wonderful memories together. 


“Homeownership is powerful. I want to provide a home for my family, a place that is safe and that belongs to us. Homeownership [will] help me and [my] family build a future that is stable.” 


If you were a construction tool, what would you be and why? 

“I would be a ceramic tile cutter. The ceramic tile cutter combines shapes, colors as if they have always belonged together. l like the way it creates mosaic art. I like the ability to make things work. Even on a tight budget, you can find ways to create beauty.” 



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