In one word, Toni is ambitious. She is a full-time medical assistant, full-time mom, and is back in school to advance her career. When she had the opportunity to become a Habitat Chicago homebuyer, Toni focused on achieving yet another goal.


Toni is ready to own her own home and to experience the journey along the way. Though she's both nervous and excited about the process, nothing will stop her from crossing this finish line. 


“I want to become a homeowner because that is something that I [will accomplish]. Owning my home will be something that I can call my own and someday leave to my kids.” 


If you were a construction tool, what would you be and why? 

“I would say a hammer because a hammer has a lot of drive behind it. I'm that type of person that has that type of drive in me. To get up and do whatever it takes to accomplish my goals.”



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