When talking to Myeasha, it's clear that her world revolves around her kids. She currently works as a payroll assistant, but being a mom to her sons, Ever and Eden, is her favorite job. Together, they are always making funny videos, reading, going to the movies, or hosting game nights. She can’t wait to surprise them with their new home and start creating new memories together.


Myeasha never saw herself as a homeowner until she had kids. Now, her two sons are her biggest motivators for joining Habitat Chicago’s Affordable Homeownership Program. She is ready to watch them play in their very own home and provide them with a reliable and healthy place to grow up.  


Though she is a bit nervous for all of the new responsibilities of owning and taking care of a home, Myeasha already knows the journey will be worth it. She is eager to invest in her future neighborhood- joining or starting a block club committee and bringing her future neighbors together for celebrations. To Myeasha, this home will bring more hope and possibilities for her family. 


“I can’t believe that this will be something for us. Right now, we are in my mom’s house. I want to take that stress off of her. I want to create generational wealth, and build a place to pass down to my kids. When we move into this home, I will become an even better mom to my boys, and that is worth it.” 



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