Nadjia is no stranger to hard work. Everything she has, she built for herself through attention and persistence. She was never given a hand-out, nor would she ever take one. Though passionately intent on setting and achieving goals for herself, Nadjia’s heart is relentlessly fixated on improving the lives of those around her in both her professional and personal life. In fact, Nadjia learned about Habitat’s affordable homeownership program while volunteering at Women Build in 2017.


Nadjia did not have an easy childhood. When Nadjia’s grandmother, her primary caretaker, passed away, she found herself on her own at a very young age and had no other choice but to learn how to take care of herself.


At fifteen, she decided she wanted more, knowing that she deserved better. She decided then and there that she was going to go to college and not let any of life’s hurdles stand in her way.


This was no simple goal to achieve, however. Nadjia would not only have to earn the grades needed to get accepted into college, but she would also have to find a way to make enough money to pay her own way through school. But she was determined and knew in her heart that, no matter what, she was going to do it.


She got a job after school to save money. She spent all of her free time studying and teaching herself basic skills that she had not learned before, including how to spell. Ultimately, she not only enrolled in college, but she graduated with a 4.0 GPA.


Now, Nadjia is a full-time teacher at a mental health hospital and is dedicated to providing her three-year-old daughter, Nahla, and her two-year-old nephew, Isaiah, with all of the opportunities she did not have herself.


With an effervescent smile, Nadjia describes her daily life as “always having a kid crawling and hanging all over [her].” At the dinner table, Nahla will be singing a pretty little tune while her cousin Isaiah steals her dinner right off her plate. Nadjia beams with pride when she recalls these small, simple, beautiful moments and cannot wait to create new memories in their new home.


Nadjia eagerly looks forward to the stability that is soon to come:


"Becoming a homeowner has been a goal of mine for quite some time, but I know that achieving this goal is not an end, but rather a new beginning. It is the beginning of a full and stable life. It means enjoying a part of life that I've never before experienced. It means being able to make a house a real home and to provide space for my daughter, my nephew, and myself to be happy. It means no longer having to choose between purchasing healthy food and making an unaffordable rent payment on time. I really can't wait to learn all that it takes to be a successful homeowner." - Nadjia



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