Interested in what’s coming next? Below are some of our pending programs that we intend to roll out once funding is secured. 

Beautification Initiatives 

A concentration of physical beautification projects in highly visible areas on both residential and commercial streets will improve both property values and neighborhood perception. The core program will consist of many small projects addressing identified needs. These may include façade improvements, landscaping projects or structural improvements. We are also considering investments in significant collaborative installations or projects with local artists or organizations.


Homebuyer Training 

Habitat Chicago is interested in the vitality of markets as a source of welfare to its residents; a well-prepared homebuyer investing in his/her neighborhood through homeownership, property taxes, local spending and social capital—regardless of his/her lender—only improves market vitality.  This six- to nine-month public program will be designed to prepare individuals for home purchase and homeownership, including the physical and community considerations. At the end of the program, individuals can opt to pursue the best homeownership option for their situation, be it a non-traditional loan through Habitat Chicago, a semi-traditional loan through a nonprofit lending partner or a traditional loan through a bank or similar lender.


Construction Workforce Development

Working in partnership with complementary organizations, this program will identify young people at risk of disenfranchisement and engage them in intensive employment preparation. These youths will receive technical training in construction skills and group leadership through Habitat Chicago. They will also have access to wrap-around services through partner organizations. 





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