It’s clear to everyone that meets her that Sharlton is an incredibly hard-working, driven, and doting mom. Working as a Data Collection Tech at the Post Office for almost two years, Sharlton graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 2016 with a degree in Psychology. Her favorite part about college was getting to meet people from all different backgrounds and seeing Chicago from a new perspective. That curiosity is what pushed her towards becoming a Habitat Chicago homebuyer.


Sharlton grew up on the West Side of Chicago, and most of her family still lives there. Despite being a bit nervous to move away to a new part of the city, she is eager to take on a role in her new community and get to know all of her neighbors.  


Moving in with her is Sariya, a smart and spirited five-year-old. When she’s not playing musical chairs, dress up, or learning instruments at school, you can find her watching her favorite Disney movie- Frozen 2. She looks forward to putting a swing set in her new backyard and painting her bedroom purple to match her new canopy bed. She can’t wait to start kindergarten next year and get closer to her dream of becoming a police officer just like her grandma. 


Sharlton is most looking forward to having a space that she can personalize and take care of. She’s especially excited for her new, big kitchen to bake and cook all she wants. She and her daughter will be able to do Mommy and Me yoga in their yard together, and she’s already planning on having all of their friends and family over for parties and barbecues.  


She knows becoming a Habitat Chicago homebuyer offers a safe home in a good neighborhood, and being able to provide that stability for her daughter is all the motivation Sharlton needs. 


“There will be some changes that come with getting used to owning my home- learning about mortgages, property taxes, insurance, and things like that I’ve never had to do before. But owning my own home is worth it. My daughter and I will get the stability, equity, comfort, and pride of owning a home. And we’re excited about it all!”  



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