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At Habitat for Humanity Chicago, we are committed to creating a city where all Chicagoans have a safe, stable, and affordable home in a healthy, thriving neighborhood. In this impact graphic, we’d like to share with you our programmatic successes, our forward-looking strategic priorities, and what...
Buying a home is a big deal and receiving the proper guidance and the tools to lead you on the right path is essential. We’re proud to introduce you to our February-March series instructors and share why they think Homebuyer University is a valuable undertaking for first-time buyers.
Buying a home is a giant step for most people. We don’t always know where to start, and we are riddled with weighty questions. So began Habitat Chicago’s Homebuyer University, a series of classes covering the ins and outs of homebuying. And just last month, we graduated our inaugural cohort!
Habitat for Humanity Chicago is proud to announce the launch of our public Homebuyer University this July, which will equip participants with the tools, knowledge, and a personalized game plan to enter the homebuying process.