When you ask Uneshia what she is most looking forward to about becoming a Habitat homebuyer, the answer is simple: stability for herself and her son.


Uneshia is a dedicated Pharmacy Technician who loves listening to music (which she vows will constantly be playing around her new house) and spending time with her son, Isaiah. Isaiah is a gentle second grader who loves playing games and is eager to make friends with his new neighbors.


Uneshia grew up on the Southside of Chicago, and reflects on her favorite memory of going to Six Flags with her family and hopes to take Isaiah one day. Her son is her strongest motivation, after all. According to Uneshia,

“I am so determined to have a stable place for me and my child. I want to have somewhere that is ours, not living with someone else. We can’t wait to step foot into OUR home and have our own space.”


While Uneshia is nervous about opening up with everyone in her cohort and asking all of her questions about becoming a homeowner, she is truly excited about the learning process - the classroom time, getting out on site and helping build alongside volunteers to complete her house, and becoming a part of the Habitat family.


When asked what will change most in her life and what becoming a homeowner means to her, it’s clear,

“Stability and happiness. My son and I will have stability and so much happiness.”



Home Sponsor

Uneshia’s home is proudly sponsored through Habitat Chicago’s first annual Real Estate Build, an innovative collaboration bringing together some of the most community-minded and engaged real estate companies from around the city to fund and construct an affordable home. Learn more about the Real Estate Build here.



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