The West Pullman neighborhood has and continues to be the place Zahkeya calls home. Having grown up close to the Habitat Chicago build site, Zahkeya is fond of her neighborhood and is excited to continue to grow within the community.


Zahkeya prides herself on being strong and dependable, attributes that relate to both her role as a mother and her role as a future homeowner. Zahkeya works diligently as a Post Office Clerk, and enjoys bowling and spending time with her four-year-old daughter, Zarriay, when she's not working. Zahkeya's eyes light up when she talks about Zarriay’s love of learning and gymnastics, and just how smart she is.


Zahkeya has both reservations and great excitement in beginning the process of becoming a homeowner. She naturally worries about maintaining such a huge responsibility, but knows the end result will be worth it. She looks forward to having something of her own, especially something she can pass along to her daughter one day. She is eager to paint and decorate, to truly create a home for her daughter. Zahkeya is resolute in becoming more prepared and responsible as a homeowner, to demonstrate her capabilities, her love for her Zarriay, and great determination to work hard throughout the program.


But for Zahkeya and Zarriay, Habitat already feels like home.

“We feel like we belong here. Habitat is family now.”


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