Read our Five-Year Strategic Plan

Our new 2024-2028 strategic plan, Neighborhood Forward, outlines all our exciting growth and impact goals, from preserving 300 homes through our new repairs program to a total of 100 newly constructed and rehabbed homes over five years.


Stronger Neighborhoods, Stronger Chicago

We’re committed to seeing Chicago thrive. By partnering with committed residents and trusted organizations, we help families and communities achieve strength, stability and self-reliance through housing, beautification and development projects.


Your financial gift directly benefits local families.


One decision can create an exponential impact.


Every person matters, and every hour counts.


While it’s important that individuals and families have a safe, affordable place to call home, we believe it’s equally important to support entire communities. Because we know that a family’s well-being is tied to its neighborhood, our approach includes housing, beautification and development projects.  Learn more.


“I am glad the universe aligned me with Habitat Chicago. I wanted to help change my neighborhood for the better. I've been greatly affected by the project because I've gained a better relationship with my neighbors.”
Michelle, Neighborhood Grant Project Leader


A vibrant and resilient neighborhood isn’t an accident. It takes careful planning. From affordable housing to block beautification to resident action teams, we work alongside partners and residents in focused areas to address targeted needs that have a larger impact on the entire community. Learn More.


“I know owning a home will bring on a lot of new responsibilities. I am working now towards building future goals for myself and my children. But through all the hard work, it will be worth it… we can build generational wealth. And, most of all, it will be OURS.”
Donshay, Homebuyer University Graduate


Habitat Chicago is in the business of improving the lives of fellow citizens. We have big plans for the future, but like you—and like our city—we’re constantly evolving. We’re currently scaling to better meet local needs. Take a look at the work and progress in our focus neighborhoods.

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