While the key issues at play in stabilizing our neighborhoods—such as housing, education, hunger, safety and transportation—are layered with complexities, our great city is full of intelligent people and organizations who are committed to the well-being of our communities and are working to address them every day. 


Partnership is taking on an increasingly important role in how we think about tackling this work. It’s a concept that has always been at the center of our mission, originating from the homebuyer “partner family” model. But t’s now evolving as we expand the scope of our focus into neighborhood health.


With so many talented people and thoughtful organizations at work in the arena, we have an opportunity to connect the dots so that efforts within and across organizations better complement each other. Together, we can address the interconnected issues of community stabilization on enough fronts to make a stronger, more efficient and faster difference for those most in need.

A Collaborative Approach

Improving the quality of life for a community can’t be done alone and so we strive to find good partners and be a good partner in return. Partnership is a dynamic concept based on the actual needs and opportunities in a community. We work hard to develop specific strategies and structures for each focus community. 


Service Partners

Some of our key service partners include: 

  • The residents of West Pullman and Greater Grand Crossing

  • Agora Community Services

  • Alderman Carrie Austin, Ward 34

  • Alderman Margaret Laurino, Ward 39

  • Alderman Leslie Hairston, Ward 5

  • AmeriCorps

  • Center for Conflict Resolution

  • Churches United Community Development Corporation

  • City of Chicago

  • Country Financial

  • Elevate Energy

  • Engineers without Borders

  • Far South Community Development Corporation

  • Fifth District Chicago Police and CAPS 

  • First Midwest Bank

  • Gould & Ratner LLP

  • John Marshall Law School

  • Lawrence Hall

  • Pullman Bank

  • Salvation Army Kroc Community Center





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