Tuesday, October 9th- Saturday, October 13th, 2018. Join a community of Chicago women volunteering together to celebrate our strengths, have a blast and create a permanent and affordable home for a dynamic, woman-led family.



Why Women Build Matters  

Achieving housing stability is far more difficult for women to realize than for men in similar situations. Here are just three reasons why: 

  • Men earn more on average than women, resulting in access to higher credit, better loans and better quality homes and neighborhoods. 


  • Unequal caregiving responsibilities limit a woman’s ability to dedicate the necessary time to obtaining and maintaining consistent employment and decent housing. 


  • Single women are denied mortgages at higher rates than single men despite the fact women are more reliable at paying back mortgages. 


Women Builders create a reality where one less woman will be denied the opportunity of homeownership. 


How Women Build Works 

>> Across the course of five days, 300 women come together to advance construction of the Women Build home (no construction experience necessary), right alongside its future owner 


>> In the months leading up to the event, these 300 women raise the money to fully fund construction of the home


>> Each Woman Builder commits to building with her team for one full day of the event and raising at least $350 to participate


>> There are two ways women can participate: 

As a Team Leader, you: 

  • Commit to fundraising at least $350 and building one day of the event

  • Recruit 11 women to build and fundraise alongside you 

  • Motivate your team members every step of the way to ensure each hits her fundraising minimum and has a whole lot of fun in the process

  • Coordinate with your team to get them registered and ready to build 


As an Individual, you:

  • Join a team with open spots (don’t fret, we’ll help get you placed) 

  • Commit to fundraising at least $350 and building one day of the event


How to Become a Women Builder 

Team Leader spots are now full, but we are currently recruiting individual Women Builders. Learn more and get started at chicagowomenbuild.org



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