“My connection to West Pullman has been lifelong and if there’s one thing that’s certain: I would not trade my community for anything in the world. Because I know, at the end of a 14-hour workday, my neighbor will have made me dinner and brought it over just because she cares. Our close-knit sense of community here, how inter-connected everything and everyone is, that’s what makes us who we are and that’s what we’ll use to continue to make it better.” – Eya, West Pullman resident 


West Pullman is filled with caring, dedicated people who have incredible ideas for the prosperity of their community, and we proudly collaborate with them on making improvements that will make them proud of the area where they live.







"We want to get our community back on top again like it was when we were all coming up, when we all moved out here. I think Habitat sees what we see: we are in a very good community and we want a stronger future in our community for our kids and grandkids– we just need to come together like we are right now and stand up for it. Pick up a hammer or a nail, and you show how much you love your community. We are happy to see it getting beautiful, all the lots getting cleaned up, and it's just making our morale real high, making us feel real good.”
Halema, proud West Pullman resident of 43 years







“It’s easy to access the numbers behind our work, but the implications are sometimes harder to see. I was on our build site in West Pullman one day when a young man who lived in the neighborhood walked by and stopped to watch the volunteers at work building the homes. After a while, he said, ‘there is nothing new ever built here.’ And then with absolute genuineness, he said, ‘This is exciting.’

Investments matter. They send a clear visual and psychological signal that there is value in the community. When residents perceive their neighborhoods as investment-worthy, that’s when the real change begins.”
Jen Parks, Habitat Chicago Executive Director

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