The neighborhoods in which we work already have many assets in place. Our goal is to highlight and amplify them with complementary projects, increasing market and social confidence both in residents and the city at large. 


Programs for the sake of programs won’t ever make much of a difference. But when we take the needs and opportunities in a specific neighborhood, and in response, layer on targeted projects and programs with strategic timing, counts, locations, and partnerships, their effects can be transformative. 


To this end, we create phased investment plans specific to each area, committing to multi-year activities focused on long-term strength. And our process involves working on multiple levels, including directly with residents, city leaders, other organizations and volunteers - all of whom have incredible ideas for the prosperity of their communities - whose partnerships are critical in carrying out each plan. 


We invite you to learn more about our focus neighborhoods below.





“I see self-determination as a crucial part of creating vital, empowered people with pride and a connection to their inner selves and to others. I have long appreciated Habitat’s mission to provide housing, but without addressing more systemic issues (like jobs, education and safety), housing is sometimes not enough. Habitat’s Community Action Group attempts to address this gap. As a group we have grown so much over the last year - we have learned how to work in meetings and an environment where open conversation can happen, but tasks can still be accomplished. Residents continue to show where and how they have learned to step up and my hope is that they will continue to define their own goals for the future and become a pillar of stability that radiates growth and vision to the surrounding neighborhoods.”
Brian, West Pullman Community Action Group volunteer

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