Building Thriving Communities

We work at a community level so that we can bring strength, stability and self-reliance to entire areas of the city. We don't just want individuals to survive; we want neighborhoods to thrive.


This big picture approach provides maximum impact, not only for those living nearby, but Chicago at large, because the health of a city is directly tied to the health and well-being of its citizens. And we realize that takes a long-term commitment and multi-year investments. So, we work alongside partners and residents who are as dedicated as we are to seeing Chicago thrive.


A Sum of Many Parts

A representation of neighborhood investments


Habitat Chicago brings people together around the health of neighborhoods. But moving an individual, family and community from A to B successfully requires us all. It takes a lot of time and effort, but with every person we meet and every story we tell, we know it's worth it.


Guiding Principles/Key Tactics/Core Strategies

We put residents first. 

We collaborate with residents to ensure our work aligns with the dreams they have for their community.


We think in assets, not deficits. 

Every neighborhood we work in presents its own opportunities. Starting with these assets, we amplify them through complementary physical and social developments.


We locate the perfect partners.

Due to the complexity of family and community health, we seek out other organizations who can help us meet needs holistically.


We embrace planning.

Significant change requires significant planning, so we embrace multi-party, multi-year efforts that will benefit more people in the Chicago area.


We invest in homeownership.

The ability to own a home changes families, neighborhoods and even generations. We are expanding our services so that more families will experience long-term success.


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