All of our investments in neighborhood and housing improvements drive at realizing six key outcomes over time. Through ongoing efforts, trainings and partnerships, we aim to help facilitate the following long-term outcomes for our families, neighborhoods and city. 


Medium-Term Outcomes

Successful Homeowners
Families will invest in their neighborhoods as homeowners. They will increase their financial security and successfully manage their assets.


Civic Engagement
Chicagoans will be better educated about Chicago and global development activities. They will advance both through volunteerism, philanthropy and peer promotion. 


Long-Term Outcomes

People will take pride in their neighborhoods. Neighbors and other stakeholders will perceive focus neighborhoods as recovering and improving. They will be confident in the future of their neighborhood as evidenced by acts of reinvestment. 


Real estate markets in neighborhoods will reflect confidence. Homebuyers will be attracted to the neighborhoods. Investors will provide good options for resale or rental housing. Property values will rise at a rate equal to or better than surrounding neighborhoods.


Physical Conditions
Physical conditions of residential and commercial streets will reflect pride in focus neighborhoods.


Social Conditions
Neighbors will have the capacity to manage ongoing projects in their community. Neighbors will feel connected in their neighborhoods.




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