“I’ve lived in Greater Grand Crossing since the 1950s. There is a rich history here that many don’t know about – we had great restaurants and stores – a really classy, dynamite feel. We’ve lost some of that, a lot as a result of issues outside of our control, but we still have our roots and our bones. Neighbors on my block come together. We’re family. That’s what matters. That’s what makes ours a good community.” - Millicent, Greater Grand Crossing Resident 

“After two years of collaborative research, analysis, site visits, and outreach to community leaders, the Habitat Chicago volunteer Site Selection Committee chose Greater Grand Crossing to be our next focus neighborhood. As a part of this collective effort, we hosted our first Charrette to bring together local residents, city-wide stakeholders, and professionals from different areas of expertise to brainstorm and plot ideas for the neighborhood and its healthy future. From a more efficient and accessible home design to increased access to existing neighborhood amenities, community-led ideas soared that we will now seek to advocate for and integrate into larger planning efforts.”
Paola, Habitat Chicago Site Selection Committee Volunteer

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