With the help of people like you, Habitat for Humanity has provided safe, affordable housing to people in need all over the world for the past 40 years. And while Habitat Chicago works locally and autonomously, we are also part of an international mission, proudly supporting the work of our counterparts around the globe.



Habitat Malawi

Since 2012, Habitat Chicago and Habitat Malawi have been tithe partners. Located in the southeast region of Africa, Malawi faces a number of challenges, but the Habitat staff there focus on three, distinct initiatives to improve the circumstances and lives of its citizens.


The first program strives to enhance the resilience of households living in flood-prone areas by supporting and enabling them to have permanent, durable and flood-resistant shelter. Second, they provide Housing Support Services (HSS) to low-income people in partnership with housing microfinance institutions. Finally, Habitat Malawi provides fully subsidized homes for orphans and other vulnerable population groups.


Last Year's Progress:


Six-point Chicago star  $50,000 Tithed


Six-point Chicago star  16 Projects/Houses Funded



Global Village

Global Village is a short term volunteer trip to Habitat for Humanity affiliates around the world. No matter the project – building a house, advocacy, and critical home repair to name a few – the mission is the same: to help provide safe and affordable housing to families internationally. These trips also allow volunteers to immerse themselves in the local culture and learn about the impact of their work firsthand.


During the fall of 2018, a group of Chicagoans, including three Habitat Chicago staff members, traveled to Honduras for a week through Global Village. By the end, they helped build an affordable home, fundraised a total of $26,106, and created relationships to last a lifetime.



Join Us

We welcome having you as a volunteer on our next trip. If you are interested in joining us and your fellow Chicagoans on our next Global Village trip, or if you would like to support the ongoing work of Habitat Malawi, please contact us at


And to explore our other Global Village options, click here.




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