Fall Block Decorations

Project Group Name: The 127th and 128th Union Block Club

Neighborhood: West Pullman     Year: 2021

Project Description: This group of neighbors adorned their block's corner planters with fall plants and decorations. Wanting to share the seasonal inspiration with everyone on their block, they also distributed matching fall plant bouquets to 28 neighboring homes for their front porches. 

In their Words

"We decided use live North Pole Arborvitaes trees instead of artificial ones as the centerpiece in our focal planters. This way we have a genuine evergreen, or rather an 'Arborvitae' which name means 'tree of life' that can transition through all four seasons for at least 2 years hopefully, especially for Christmas. ... We also decided to create a handmade Custom Floral Base to go underneath and around the base of the arborvitaes. Designed with large colorful artificial sunflowers and roses, greenery, mini pumpkins, fall wired ribbon bows, and battery-operated autumn leaf lights. Because we wanted our block to be something unique, original and eye catching that reflected a welcoming and revitalized environment, especially for the elderly."
127th and 128th Union Block Club Project Group

By the Numbers

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Group Members

Planters Decorated for Fall

Households with Matching Bouquets



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