Intergenerational Technology Workshop

Project Group Name: Carey Temple Community Outreach

Neighborhood: Greater Grand Crossing     Year: 2020

Project Description: This church group hosted a "Bridging the Gap" intergenerational workshop that was designed to bridge the technology gap for senior citizens. During the workshop, the seniors were guided by middle and high school students in using their cell phones effectively.  

In their Words






"Our goal was to create an educational opportunity to enhance the digital knowledge level of senior citizens in the usage of 21st century technology, guided by youth. The feedback we received from our participants and community partners was positive. Participants felt the workshop was valuable and helpful. It increased their knowledge of using technology to stay connected. The youth stated that they enjoyed leading the seniors in the workshop and it gave them an opportunity to establish relationships with senior citizens. Our committee felt that the connections made to complete the project helped to strengthen the bond of the community and the long-lasting effects will help to establish a more unified community of caring."
Carey Temple Community Outreach Project Group

By the Numbers

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