Community Garden Initiative

Project Group Name: We Sow We Grow

Neighborhood: West Pullman     Year: 2019

Project Description: This project group applied for a grant to maintain and beautify their community garden space. In addition to purchasing new soil and tools for the garden, they also installed a new shed to hold their supplies. 

In their Words

"We see the garden as a positive influence in our area. Allowing the neighborhood the opportunity to see their neighbors working the farm; seeing the farm functioning, growing, improving, and continuing is a positive visual. We expect it to inspire and help promote more neighborhood support. The saying, “Many hands make light work” is true. Having dedicated, engaged, and supportive neighbors is a god-send. Out of many, one!"
We Sow We Grow Project Group

By the Numbers

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Group Members

Garden Beds Maintained

Tool Shed Installed



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