Neighborhood Holiday Decorations

Project Group Name: United Neighbors of Colonial Village

Neighborhood: West Pullman     Year: 2021

Project Description: This group of neighbors coordinated with eight different blocks in their community area to decorate for the holidays. Working together, they adorned sixteen planters with matching decorations, and decorated trees on their blocks with festive lights and bows. 

In their Words

"Christmas is most people's favorite time of the year. The decorations and lights seem so magical and it’s so beautiful. Christmas decorations have a feeling of AWW and make you feel relaxed. We need that feeling more than ever now.... Our results from our project will continue to keep us engaged as a block and community. The decorations bring a sense of ownership for the residents. The planters are a staple in our community."
United Neighbors of Colonial Village Project Group

By the Numbers

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Neighbors Engaged

Planters Decorated

Households Impacted



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