Community Unity Resource Distribution Event

Project Group Name: One Community Many Faces

Neighborhood: Greater Grand Crossing     Year: 2020

Project Description: This project was a continuation of the One Community Many Faces community unity campaign. For their third project associated with the campaign, this project group hosted a resource distribution event. The group members conducted targeted outreach in two areas of their neighborhood that have historically been at odds with one another, with the goal of bringing them together in unity. During the event day, the project group distributed t-shirts with their community unity logo, pre-packaged food, school supplies, and other household goods.

In their Words






"This project brought our community together at a time that we needed each other the most for: support, love, and encouragement. The food, music, fellowship, T-shirts, and pictures were some things this project provided as a reminder of what community looks, sounds, and feels like."
One Community Many Faces Project Group

By the Numbers

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Group Members

T-Shirts and Meals Distributed

Community Members Engaged



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