Porch Repairs

Project Group Name: I Matter 2 Porch Repairs

Neighborhood: West Pullman     Year: 2019

Project Description: This project group hired a local contractor to repair their front porches by replacing old, cracked concrete with new material. The repairs took place on five households on the same block, and each participating home received a new welcome mat for their front porch. 

In their Words






"The project that I initially visualized was repairing, replacing, and painting the porches in the neighborhood. In my neighborhood, people sit on the porch and watch kids, laugh and talk, listen to music, or sit quietly. ... The most important lesson we learned from this project is that people want to see beauty in their neighborhoods. It makes them feel good to see the houses being repaired and we converse more with each other about what is being done. ... I have never done anything like this before, but the experience and networking has taught me how to face challenges more effectively."
I Matter 2 Project Group

By the Numbers

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Group Members

Front Porches Repaired

Neighbors Engaged



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