Neighborhood Snow Removal Initiative

Project Group Name: Operation Safe Clean 

Neighborhood: Greater Grand Crossing    Year: 2022

Project Description: This project group activated their block club and organized a neighborhood shoveling and snow blowing initiative. On days with high levels of snowfall, this group headed out into their community to clear sidewalks, walkways, and porches. With a focus on households that required extra assistance clearing their walkways, this group ensured safe passage for vulnerable community members.

In their Words






"[Our group wanted to do this project] to ensure safety for residents during the winter season... to help clear the sidewalks, pathways to homes, and alleyways for residents to safely commute to and from their neighborhood. This project also brings residents together to build community based on trust and collective ownership."
Operation Safe Clean Project Group

By the Numbers

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Group Members

Block Club Engaged

Neighbors Served



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