Youth Basketball and Mentoring Program

Project Group Name: St. Titus One Church Youth Anti-Violence & Mentoring Program

Neighborhood: West Pullman     Year: 2021

Project Description: This project group hosted a four-day basketball tournament to engage local youth and promote community violence prevention. The tournament took place over Christmas break, providing an opportunity for the community to come together during the holiday season and cheer on their youth. 

In their Words






"We were successful in getting 5 teams to participate. This brought about great competition and each of the teams looked forward to the next games. The news coverage on Channel 2 News really helped the youth see they could get recognition for doing positive things. West Pullman Park was the perfect place to host the event and they were very accommodating."
St. Titus One Church Youth Anti-Violence & Mentoring Program Project Group

By the Numbers

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Group Members

Youth Basketball Teams


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