Church Door Replacement

Project Group Name: Bray Temple

Neighborhood: Greater Grand Crossing     Year: 2020-21

Project Description: This project group came together to replace the front doors of their church. The new, custom-made wooden doors beautify the building, increase the curb appeal of the area, and add improved security to the church community. 

In their Words

"We voted on one design, we raised the necessary capital, we prayed through covid concerns and delivery delays, we circumvented our milling problems, and we patiently worked things out with our contractors. Our efforts yielded a new door thereby bringing additional beauty to the church, increased curb appeal to the community and added security. Our project alone has evoked so many positive responses and others who wish to do the same to their property for the good of the entire community."
Bray Temple Project Group

By the Numbers

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Group Members

Custom Wooden Doors Installed

Households Impacted in the Area



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