Community Safety Initiative

Project Group Name: Operation Neighborhood Safety - Safe Pump Initiative

Neighborhood: Greater Grand Crossing     Year: 2021

Project Description: This project group launched a community safety initiative that organizes volunteers to be present at local gas stations during 'Safe Pump' events. Through their consistent and ongoing presence, the group is working to deter car jackings and promote community violence prevention.

In their Words






"Our presence in the community is still consistently growing. The purchase of T-shirts, banners, and other supplies was really beneficial to Grand Crossing residents recognizing our mission and what we stand for. We currently are being approached by residents/neighbors that see us during our events consistently asking us when the next Safe-Pump will take place. Our community members are telling others about this initiative. They are also expressing their hopes for a more peaceful community. Overall, this project is important to the safety and health of our community."
Operation Neighborhood Safety Project Group

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