Habitat Chicago homebuyer, Erika, moved her family into a new home last May. We checked in with her to see what her homeownership experience has been like so far, how she and her family have started to personalize their home, and how they have already formed new memories within its walls. Their family has already experienced so many joyful moments, and Erika is motivated to ensure their new home remains a safe and comfortable environment for years to come.


What is your and your family’s favorite part of the house and why?

>> Erika: My favorite part of the home is the living room. This is the room where all the family gets together on Sundays for movie and game night. We also have a pajama night! My kids also absolutely love the backyard. They play out there all the time and have so much fun. 

What have you done to make your house more personal to you? 

>> Erika: I have done so many things, and every detail feels so perfect to me inside the home and out. Our home’s coziness is truly a reflection of our family’s personalities. One thing that makes my house really unique is my triplet’s bedroom. Not many people can say they have a bedroom for triplets!

Do you have any traditions for your home during the fall season?

>> Erika: My family doesn’t really celebrate Halloween or Día de los Muertos, but we love to celebrate the fall season by decorating with leaves and pumpkins all over the house. We spend the fall waiting for Turkey Day. Christmas is the biggest holiday for our family. I feel very lucky that I can now invite my family for special events and holidays, and that I can barbeque for them in my own backyard.

What is one joyful moment you’ve had so far in your new home?

>> Erika: Every Sunday night is a joyful night, but one of the best memories we’ve had so far was having an after party for my daughter’s Quinceañera.

Do you have any additional plans for your home?

>> Erika: Yes! I would like to put in a fence around the entire house so I can feel more secure when the triplets are playing outside. They just love to run around and a fence will make it easier to keep an eye on them! I also would love to plant my own garden with vegetables. My next big goal is to put in a porch in the back yard with a pool for the kids.


We are so excited for all the joy that has already taken place in your new home, Erika, and we wish you all the best in the years to come! Knowing your determination, we are confident that you will make all of the dreams for your home become a reality. 

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