The snow is melting, and your daisies will be coming back to life soon. Just kidding, it’s Chicago, so who knows when they’ll be back. 


No matter the weather outside, it’s time to start getting ready for some spring cleaning inside your home. There are many different origin stories for this universal tradition, however the goal is the same: tidying up your living space. But why should you spend your entire weekend cleaning? 


  1. Reduce stress, improve mood, and be active – Cleaning may act as a form of exercise, which can greatly reduce stress and improve your mood. Studies have shown that housework can reduce stress and anxiety up to 20 percent. Just like exercise, activities that are more arduous and take longer to complete (i.e. scrubbing surfaces) will make a bigger impact compared to short, simple tasks (i.e. light dusting). And just like exercising, be sure to take precaution when lifting heavy objects and doing other physical activity.


  1. Cut down on allergies and sickness – This is probably the most evident reason why spring cleaning is important. Cutting down the number of allergens and bacteria in the place you reside cuts down the intensity of allergies and the possibility of sickness. Less allergens could also help if someone in your household has asthma


  1. Encourage better sleep – There isn’t a perfect recipe for getting a good night’s rest, however a clean room is one way to help. Regularly washing pillows, sheets, and even your mattress can help rid your room of pesky allergens that might have kept you up at night. Moreover, three out of four people say that clean bedding with a fresh scent facilitates a better sleep, according to a poll by The National Sleep Foundation. 


  1. Increase productivity - Whether you work at home or not, removing the clutter in your house can help remove the clutter in your brain. The Journal of Neuroscience found that the brain’s processing capacity is negatively affected by clutter. A clean house can help you to focus better and do all the things you’ve been telling yourself you’ve been wanting to do. 


  1. Produces healthier choices - Who knew a cleaner house could lead to cleaner choices in your life? From a study by the University of Minnesota, participants placed in an orderly room were more likely to make healthier choices, for example, choosing healthier snacks or donating more money. Spring cleaning might just give your new year's resolutions a little boost.


With all those benefits, spring cleaning is something everyone should do. Whether or not the process is easy is a different story. If cleaning isn’t your cup of tea, there are many ways to make spring cleaning more bearable:


>> Don’t know where to start? This comprehensive checklist gives you many ideas of cleaning tasks to accomplish. 


>> Do you get overwhelmed by long checklists? Start with this 30-day challenge.


>> Have a bunch of stuff you want to get rid of, but don't know what to do with it? Honest Junk Company is a new, local service that can pick up your junk or donate items for you.


>> And of course, browse these tips and tricks to help you have the cleanest house on the block! 


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