Three of our Favorite Chicago Nonprofits


Chicago is a city full of great nonprofits that aim to strengthen our community and serve those in need. As we grow and expand our partnerships, we are constantly learning about the amazing efforts of these nonprofit organizations (NPOs) to improve the city of Chicago – so we’re sharing some of our favorites with you.


Ray & Joan Kroc Center Chicago

What is The Kroc Center?

The Kroc Center is a unique community center, currently the largest in Chicago, providing members with a variety of exciting fitness and artistic experiences. This staff is dedicated to creating a safe community center full of creative, educational, athletic, and recreational opportunities. Co-founder Joan Kroc refers to the center as a ‘beacon of light and hope in the community’. Working hand-in-hand with The Salvation Army, The Kroc Center carries out the mission of creating a remarkable destination with activities for all individuals. 

Why do we love The Kroc Center?

The Kroc Center is simply amazing and located in West Pullman, Habitat Chicago’s current focus neighborhood. We love knowing there is a thriving, engaging community center in the backyard of residents who so deserve it. Even better: The Kroc Center has given generous first month memberships to new Habitat homebuyers moving into the West Pullman area. 


Greater Roseland West Pullman Food Network

What is the Greater Roseland West Pullman (GRWP) Food Network?

GRWP Food Network is a food bank that not only provides for the community, but provides workshops to help empower individuals to seek sustainability in their environment. This NPO works through advocacy, volunteerism, and food distribution to aid those without proper access to food. Since 2003, GRWP Food Network has been responding to hunger on the South Side and last year alone delivered over 3 million pounds of food to those in need. Incredible – can you imagine they do more? Well they do - GRWP Food Network also educates community members on food sources and even gives residents information on growing their own food.

Why is GRWP Food Network so important to us?

Habitat for Humanity Chicago values everything GRWP does for the communities of West Pullman and Roseland. This nonprofit devotes its efforts to making sure that all community members, including children and elders, are able to thrive without the concern of going hungry. Beyond that, GRWP Food Network has created a central resource for all residents and surrounding nonprofits to rely on. 



Far South Community Development Corporation 

What is the Far South Community Development Corporation (CDC)?

The Far South CDC focuses on aiding economic change on the South Side of Chicago. Working to strengthen economic stability, this nonprofit has offered loan packages for small businesses. Currently, the Far South CDC is strengthening communities through renovation and other development projects. Most recently, the Far South CDC worked on a collaborative effort called the 119th Street Corridor Plan. This project offers a solution to financial hardships with the goal of strengthening economic sustainability on the South Side of Chicago. With the goal of creating jobs, other organizations such as Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP), City of Chicago 34th Ward Alderman Carrie M. Austin, and Habitat Chicago have gotten involved with these projects. 

Why do we love The Far South CDC?

The Far South CDC is currently working to build strong, proud communities in Chicago, which directly aligns with Habitat Chicago’s goals for communities on the Far South Side of Chicago, including West Pullman where Habitat Chicago is currently building. The Far South CDC is working collaboratively with other non-profits to make change happen on the South Side of Chicago. Habitat Chicago values the ability to work on projects like the 119th Street Corridor Plan, empowering communities and showing them that together we can do more. 


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