Women Build 2016 Top Ten


We know it’s impossible to fully capture the spirit of Women Build. Each woman has a distinct experience and together, we accomplish so much in such a short period of time. Even today, we can’t help but smile when we reflect on the week, so we thought we’d take the time to highlight some of our favorite moments.


10. Starting the week off strong, Kitchen Crashers' Alison Victoria led a formidable Tuesday saw-crew to turn out stud after stud to begin making the walls of Catherine's home a reality.


9. The joy and enthusiasm each Women Builder brought to the build site, fully embracing on-site dance parties, Gatorade shots, and taking a swing at creative hammering.


8. Your total willingness to brand yourself with women power. Thanks for flexing your muscles in the name of decent, affordable housing.


7. The exceptional usage of the high-five zones, exemplified here in perfect form by Jeanne Gang and her team from Studio Gang Architects.


6. Ringing in second-time Women Builder Ashely D.’s 17th birthday with a lunch-time rendition of Happy Birthday. This was Ashley’s second year celebrating her birthday by fundraising and building for Women Build (we think that’s pretty special).


5. Team Shelby Saville giving 2015's top team, CREW, a run for their money in the race for the coveted honor of top fundraising team. Team Shelby raised $22,631, ultimately beating out CREW. Extraordinary doesn't even begin to describe the ladies on both of these teams.


4. The community of Women Build homebuyers and their commitment to seeing one another thrive: 2014 Women Build homebuyer, Ms. Robinson, bringing homemade cake for Saturday’s volunteers and 2015 Women Build homebuyer, Angela Spencer, building alongside Catherine all day Saturday – repaying Catherine for building with her (while pregnant) at last year’s Women Build.


3. Seeing so many new and old builders on site - 9 returning Team Leaders, 52 returning builders, 225 new builders, and 16 volunteer crew leaders. You all came together to raise $139,270 for Catherine's home.
Bonus: your steady determination to hit our $150,000 goal as you continue to fundraise, even after the build.


2. Catherine raising the very first wall of her home with her own two hands. If this doesn’t show the commitment and hard work she brought to Women Build every single day (while also working full time night-shifts), we don't know what will.


1. And to top it all off, the progress of Catherine's home says it all – from a bare foundation to the beginning of a home, you put your hearts, souls, and muscles into helping Catherine build a stronger future for her three boys. What a thing of beauty.


Women Build simply isn't possible without you. Thank you for taking a stand against indecent housing and raising your voice for families like the Goins. We can't wait to celebrate your strength again next year.


In Case You Missed It

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