Habitat Chicago’s Affordable Homeownership Program is designed for the long term health and stability of Chicago families and neighborhoods. But every family has its own unique needs, and making the choice to enter into and complete a homeownership program is a big one. Rest assured, you are not alone in this decision. Not only is the Habitat Chicago staff here for you, but you can also find support in the many families who have made the choice to pursue homeownership with Habitat Chicago. Here are a few of their experiences.


"Home means a foundation for me. It means a future. It’s a legacy. A home is somewhere where I can be old in. Put my heart, my soul, my sweat, tears, everything into and to allow to grow into something beautiful. It means future for not only myself, but my family, my legacy, and generations to come. The journey was amazing. I learned a whole ton of things on how to manage and take care of my home. I think that experience is something I wouldn’t trade for the world."

Lisa, Homeowner


"I was one of those people who was doubtful and didn’t believe that this could happen to. Once I got into the program and saw that even someone like myself could do it, I went for it and I’m so glad I did because now it gives you a chance to own something. Home means having a safe secure place where you can lay your head and rest, come to after a long day’s work and relax and giving some security to not only myself, but my family."

Joyce, Homeowner


"When I heard about the Habitat program, I immediately knew it was the perfect fit for us. I applied to have a stable place for Ayianna and me to live, as well as future generations of our family. When I finally become a homeowner, I believe we will gain a new sense of accomplishment, pride, and confidence. I’ve been in the program for a while now, and after completing all of my volunteer and homeowner education hours, I feel prepared to take on the responsibility of owning a home and becoming an active member of my new community."

Tabitha, Homeowner


"I want to raise my son, Noah, in a home that we can call our own. I want to create a stable environment for him that I never had as a child. Not only will we feel secure, but the burden of instability will finally be lifted. I know there will be a lot to learn along the way, but I’m excited to dive into important things like property taxes, home repairs, and how to best invest in Noah’s future."

Britany, Homeowner


"Since I moved into this new home, I felt as if I was dreaming and now my dream has become my reality and I can't express how happy my family and I are. I can see how much of a drastic change there is in everyone's mood since we moved in here. Everyone is much happier with their own space in this beautiful home we received. I can't be more thankful for this opportunity."

Erika, Homeowner




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