Tabitha is a dynamic woman. She is a reader, a bowler, a chef, a gardener, and a restaurant server. She is a single mother determined to give her 18-year-old daughter, Ayianna, every opportunity for growth and success she can. She is now ecstatically proud to add “homebuyer” as one of her attributes.


A first-time homebuyer, Tabitha finds herself a bit nervous to begin the journey that is the Habitat Chicago Affordable Homeownership program, but these nerves are nothing, she states, “compared to [her] motivation to provide [her] daughter with a place that she can always call home.”


Ayianna is her mother’s true north. A swimmer, volleyball and water polo player, singer, player of seven (yep, seven) different instruments, and fluent Mandarin speaker, Ayianna is ready to take this world by storm.


Meanwhile, Tabitha is determined to be a rock of stability for her daughter and cites her new, affordable Habitat home as a critical component of her stability. Tabitha recognizes her home as both a place where Ayianna can turn to rest her head when life gets hard and a financial investment that will propel her into a future of financial strength and growth.


“I applied to become a homeowner with Habitat for the stability that comes with having a place that is truly yours, a place that you work for and pay for and care for and can be in your family for generations and generations to come. As a child, I remember spending holidays at my grandmother’s house with my whole family and feeling warm, happy, and protected. I plan to build a home that will always provide my daughter with these same feelings. I fully believe that everything will change after I become a homeowner and we move in. We will gain a new sense of accomplishment, pride, completeness, and confidence. Maintaining my property will be my top priority so that it will be in great shape for my daughter for many years to come.” - Tabitha





Home Sponsor

Norcon, in collaboration with its business partners and the dedicated volunteer efforts of its employees, is the proud sponsor of Tabitha and Ayianna's home. Norcon is one of the leading construction firms in Chicago, coupling the experience and management abilities of a larger company with the personalized attention and service of a smaller one. Read more about Norcon here.    

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