Low-income Chicago households typically spend 13% of their earnings on home-energy costs. When money that could be spent on healthy food or education is instead spent on heating and cooling, families are forced to make sacrifices.


No one should have to make these types of sacrifices, so we decided to do something about it.  


Weatherization Collaboration

Last winter we catalyzed a local partnership with Lowe’s and Constellation Energy to distribute weatherization kits in West Pullman. In just one day, 600 Chicagoans came from all over the city to collect a kit and improve their homes.





Kits and Tricks

Each kit contained window sealant, foam tape and outlet gaskets to critically cut down on heat loss from vulnerable spots in the home.


Even better? Lowe’s brought out expert employees to demonstrate effective use of each item and share some insider tricks to determine if a home is losing energy. 


(Hint: Shut a door or window on a dollar bill. If you can pull it out easily, you're losing energy and should seal the opening with weather stripping or caulk.)





The numbers Tell All

Studies show that for every $1 invested in weatherization, families can expect up to $2.78 in savings. 


Just imagine what families can achieve with these savings if they are able to weatherize, year after year after year… 





Word On the Street

“I told my sister that I was coming to get a weatherization kit today and she was like, ‘You have to get me one!’ Then she told our cousin, and he told his friend, and before you know it, I’m picking up a whole bunch of kits today. I’m going home right now to get this stuff set up and start saving up some money this winter.”
Michelle, savvy homeowner





Taking Shape

After the initial response we got from our kit distribution and weatherization training, we decided to take the service to the next level.  


Made possible by the generosity of Constellation, an Exelon company, we are currently working with the West Pullman-based nonprofit Sustainable Options for Urban Living to provide free workshops on improving the efficiency of your home.


Every attendee walks away with a game plan to create and maintain a winter-ready home while saving money in the process. 


Plus, every workshop attendee receives an energy and weatherization kit.


Let’s weatherize

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