Do you or your company have unused building materials, hardware or related supplies? Are you interested in sharing your professional skill set with Habitat? In-kind donations of materials and services are a vital part of our mission; they help us cut costs and build more housing in our community.


Donate Bulk or New Materials to Habitat Projects

We accept donations of many types of building materials, supplies and tools. Due to bulk purchasing agreements, ongoing in-kind donor relationships and maintaining continuity and construction standards on all Habitat homes, we are often unable to utilize donated items in new home construction. Our materials and logistics staff handle these types of donations and determine their suitability to be used on site. Contact or 312-563-0296.


Donate Skilled Labor or Construction Services

Habitat Chicago utilizes volunteers for the construction work completed on our homes. However, there are a few types of services that regular volunteers are not able to perform: earthwork, sewer & water installation, concrete, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical work. Occasionally, we also need help with roofing and drywall finishing. Any company or individual willing to partner with Habitat Chicago must be licensed, insured, and committed to completing the entire project. Contact or 312-563-0296.


Gifts of Land and Homes

Have a parcel of land or a vacant home you’d like to donate? We work in geographically concentrated areas; if your property falls within one of our areas, we will be happy to consider it for mission delivery. If it doesn’t, we may still be able to accept the donation by working with a non-profit partner who works to sell the property and return a portion of the proceeds to our programs. Your donation in the second case would still be tax-deductible and still have a huge impact on the advancement of our work in Chicago. Contact or 312-563-0296.


Gifts of Furniture, Home Goods, Building Materials, etc.

ReStore is our home improvement resale store that accepts a wide range of donated goods and sells them to the public at a discounted price. We then use the proceeds to help fund our programs and work in Chicago. If you have home goods or improvement items you’re looking to give away, consider a tax-deductible donation to ReStore. Get started here.




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