Lisa’s life revolves around putting others first. When she's not working as a direct support professional, she’s making her 108-year-old great grandmother happy by learning how to crochet, but most of all, she’s trying to provide the best for her son. With a place of her own, this mother of one is ready to create a legacy for herself and her son.


Like his mother, Lisa's son is ambitious. He's determined to get a career after school, not just a job. To reach his goal, he aims to go to Columbia College and potentially pursue film. Find him volunteering at PAWS or playing basketball when's he's not working part-time.


Despite the big changes ahead of her, Lisa has many plans for her future Habitat home. She can’t wait to build a garden, a home office, and space to just relax. However, the one thing she is most excited about is the security and stability for her current and future family.  


Becoming a Habitat homebuyer is Lisa’s chance to put her son and her family first:

“My son is my motivation for everything. He had a really difficult time growing up. I just want to make things a little easier for him and his future. I just wanted to provide something for him where he can settle in for the future... Provide for my lineage.” 



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